First details about Motorola’s upcoming foldable RAZR phone leak online

First details about Motorola’s upcoming foldable RAZR phone leak online

First details about Motorola’s upcoming foldable RAZR phone leak online

Unlike Samsung and Huawei, Motorola is planning to focus on the mid-range segment of the foldable smartphone market. The Razr foldable phone will first land in Europe and then will make its way to the USA market.

We just previewed all the rumors about it so far a few days ago, and now we will have to add to that treasure trove the actual release date and the confirmed price of the handset.

There is no information on whether the smartphone will make its way to the rest of the market or not. According to an anonymous tip, the device will come with a large flexible screen.

The Razr will also appeal to those who do not want chunky devices on their pocket.

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Oh la la, the foldable Motorola RAZR 2019 is coming to Europe, too! It folds along a horizontal axis to become a dumb phone with a small display for notifications and the like on the outside.

As can be seen from the concept renders by Yanko Design, the device will fold much the same way as regular clamshells phones, but with a folding display that stretches from top to bottom, replacing the physical keypad on standard clamshell devices. The final Razr foldable design should look pretty close to this renders.

While the latest report doesn't reveal anything about phone's tech specs, earlier rumors seemed to suggest that it will be more of a novelty device that will offer more style than substance in terms of its hardware. In fact, you should not expect a huge battery to be packed inside at all.

When we say "available", though, we don't necessarily mean "affordable". With all of that experience to back it up, the company might be looking to adapt the form factor to current trends, and, at the same time, counter Motorola's RAZR foldable clamshell device expected to launch later this year. The outer display, on the other hand, will settle for 600×800 pixel resolution. We still don't have a hard date for that release, and yet Samsung has nevertheless stayed busy behind the scenes cranking out designs for all kinds of new foldable phones that may or may not actually ever see the light of day.

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