Fortnite Season 10 trailer has been leaked

Fortnite Season 10 trailer has been leaked

Fortnite Season 10 trailer has been leaked

That orb stayed in location over the week passed, even as the Fortnite World Cup took place around it and, in line with data-mined indications, is set to explode according to the latest social media teaser.

With launch date set for tomorrow, Fortnite season 10 is almost upon us.

After that, though, we're onto Season X. We've made our predictions, and now all that's left to do is to sit back and wait.

So, it seems that Dusty Depot will indeed be making a return for Fortnite season 10, frozen in time just moments before the meteor impact that turned it into Dusty Divot. Season 10 starts tomorrow, August 1.

Downtime for Fortnite Season 10 will start at 4 AM EST tomorrow morning. The new map may exist moments before the Meteor strike.

Fortnite update 2.30 is scheduled to launch on PS4, whereas patch v10.0 will launch on Xbox One and PC.

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It appears as though the official Fortnite Season 10 trailer has been leaked in full from Epic Games themselves, following a new tweet on the main Brazilian account for the popular Battle Royale. The preview features a six-second clip of the Loot Lake Orb exploding, but now we know precisely what happens after the event occurs. This could be the skin that was teased on the right side of the third teaser and could be the female Drift.

For now, Fortnite fans are eagerly watching the Loot Lake Orb as it continues to crack, make noises and cause odd effects in its surrounding area.

Unlike season nine, it seems that season 10 will last 10 weeks.

A closer look at some of the scenes from the Season 10 trailer reveals four new skins that will likely be included in the Season X Battle Pass.

As he floats through it, he sees the major elements and additions during the past year in Fortnite-the missile explosion, vaulted weapons, the introduction of Peely and other skins, seasonal events, and more. Are you excited for the Battle Pass?

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