In Germany, refused to buy dozens of scratched Tesla

Last year the company placed an order for over 100 Tesla Model 3s

Last year the company placed an order for over 100 Tesla Model 3s

German rental agency Nextmove has canceled an order of Teslas worth 5 million euro ($5.5 million), according to Electrive.

Nextmove said it had ordered 100 electric vehicles in 2018 but raised objections over quality and finish after taking delivery of the first 15 Model 3 cars earlier this year.

The damages included paint scratches and moisture in one of the headlights. Adding that the Model 3 vehicles had awful defects including faulty wiring, scratches on the dashboards, faulty wheels, paint defects alongside condensation in the headlights, the German company had been quoted saying on Friday (August 16th) that use of faulty vehicles in its rental service would have ruined Nextmove's reputation, while as a response, blaming an unresolved dispute with the German company over quality earlier this year behind latest cancellation of orders, Tesla Inc.

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Tesla said Nextmove chose not to take delivery of the cars. Tesla later admitted that it was in the process of resolving the issues and had provided replacement vehicles.

Tesla said any customer who was unhappy with their auto could return it for a full refund up to seven days after purchase.

The Model 3 is now Tesla's best-selling model, with prices starting from US$35,000 (RM145k). An extra US$9,000 (RM37k) buys a long-range model which can stretch to 499 km, do 0-100 km/h in 5.1 seconds and top out at 225 km/h. There's also a carbon-fibre spoiler that helps improve stability at higher speeds.

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