Jay Inslee Bows Out Of The 2020 Democratic Primary

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says he’s ending his 2020 Democratic presidential bid

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says he’s ending his 2020 Democratic presidential bid

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Thursday that he is running for a third term, after dropping his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. But Inslee believes that is not enough.

Candidate who ran exclusively on climate change issue couldn't even qualify for CNN debate...

The email went on to blame Inslee for the state's homelessness crisis, opioid epidemic, traffic congestion, issues at the Department of Corrections and the loss of federal funding for Western State Hospital. "I'm unique in understanding the level of commitment that it takes to get this done".

As for what this means to the race?

The 2020 Democratic field shrunk by one candidate overnight as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee chose to bow out of the campaign. I'm not going to be President, so I'm withdrawing tonight from the race. "This can not be just something on a to do list on your refrigerator".

Anyway, Inslee's supporters won't be entirely left out in the cold.

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Inslee said he would have further statements on Thursday about his intentions for the future.

Inslee told Maddow that he felt hemmed in by the design of the televised debates, in which candidates were given short amounts of time to answer on complex subjects such as climate change. Inslee polled at an average of 0.2% during his campaign. "Inslee's campaign set the gold standard", says David Turnbull of Oil Change U.S. He kicked off his campaign in March in Seattle, standing in front of a blue-and-green campaign logo with an arc of the Earth, declaring climate change the nation's most pressing issue. And he's pushed for state policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming.

Interested in Democratic Party?

The measure was later passed by the House and signed by Inslee in May. But the evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

United States voters have have rarely considered climate change a top-priority presidential election issue. "I am grateful for the opportunity to have told the country about Washington state's successful model of progressive action we are building together".

That position stands up on the ground in Iowa. Inslee, whose political career as a congressman and governor revolve around climate alarmism, and whose campaign website is saturated with his climate bona fides, has been unable to generate that low bar of voter enthusiasm. At the Iowa State Fair on August 10, Des Moines resident Rachel Wilke-Shapiro thanked Inslee for his work spotlighting climate change even as she donned a Kamala Harris t-shirt. "We vowed to change that in a big way and succeeded". He also pointed out that Washington was "the first state to sue against Trump's Muslim ban" and said the state has become "the epicenter of resistance" to President Trump's agenda. She has praised Inslee's plan as the "gold standard". "He would be good for the cabinet", she said. "And what what made me do this is reality and science". "I don't think other candidates either recognize or are willing to make that commitment".

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