Killer Deal: Galaxy Note 10 $700 Off at Best Buy

Image Samsung

Image Samsung

However, the video doesn't showcase performance of the feature on an S10.

The brand new Galaxy Note 10 is now the closet thing we have to a true "Surface phone", as Microsoft has worked in tandem with Samsung to include features such as built-in screen sharing capabilities.

That said, we are not very sure whether the previous models such as the Galaxy S9 and Note9 will get a similar treatment.

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We'll test 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Note 10+ more thoroughly later on and will tell you all about it in our review of the device.

For example, now that Your Phone is integrated with the OS on Galaxy phones, it can maintain a much more reliable connection between the phone and PC, and also has additional functionality such as being able to activate screen mirroring on any Windows 10 PC without the use of Bluetooth, and soon, take cellular calls directly from the PC itself. The Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80 also have a ToF sensor and should technically support the app, but Galaxy Note 10 owners won't be able to use it as the smaller Note 10 doesn't have a ToF camera at the back.

These exclusive features are part of the Link to Windows tool that Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated for the Note 10, and make Samsung's latest flagship smartphone even more of a powerful productivity tool. Let us know in the comments.

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