Kirsten Dunst talks On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Claire Danes and Eliza Scanlen as Beth March Sony

Claire Danes and Eliza Scanlen as Beth March Sony

In the dark comedy, Dunst plays Krystal Gill, a water park employee and mother of one who schemes her way into a multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme that destroyed her family. Alexander Skarsgård plays her workaholic husband.

Dunst was drawn to the role, saying it represented a strong woman. "I couldn't let this character go. I won't", she says fiercely, sounding a bit like a latter-day Scarlett O'Hara, while serving notice that there will be some collateral damage along the way. "I don't have to be crying about some man or what the man did to me". It is a primal scene in a show that is preoccupied with false appearances, a kind of raw act of justice in a world that otherwise doesn't have any, at least not for people like Krystal. For another, On Becoming a God is an incredibly unusual and off-kilter show - The Favourite director Yorgos Lanthimos was originally attached to helm the project, and it's easy to see why he was attracted to the darkly comic material. "I wanted to be more of an artist in my acting, instead of making tons of money being a star of every big whatever". Not really. You realize this during the pilot, when Krystal leans over her boss' desk and hisses "I'm not some sucker" in response to his accusation that she's involved in a scam. "It wasn't for me". "You should be begging me not to get hard", Travis finally blurts and Krystal's expression hardens into contempt. "Thank God Sofia Coppola would sweep me away to do a Marie-Antoinette in between". [Photo: Patti Perret/Sony/Showtime] As research for the role, Dunst watched documentaries about MLMs and other kinds of scams. As executive producer, though, Dunst had more responsibilities than just preparing for her own role. "I was a child, so I don't know how that'd work", she said. "I've always been into beauty contestant stuff and Krystal comes from that world".

The Fargo actress also touched on her character's fashion statement in the series - or lack thereof. But Krystal's reaction makes it clear: no matter how it looks from the outside, don't ever mistake her for a fool.

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Dunst has been keeping busy in her personal live as well.

According to People, Dunst purposefully chose a challenging role after having some time on the home front. Playing a single mom on the series, Dunst brings her paternal instincts to the set. "It can be with a babysitter or we see a baby monitor or whatever, but the baby has to be accounted for".

Considering the theological implications of its title, Kirsten Dunst took some inspiration for her starring role in Showtime's On Becoming a God in Central Florida from an unlikely source.

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