Mario Lopez walks back remarks on kids and gender identity

Mario Lopez walks back remarks on kids and gender identity

Mario Lopez walks back remarks on kids and gender identity

Actor and entertainment host Mario Lopez said during a recent interview it's "dangerous" for parents to allow their young children to choose their sexual and gender identities.

Lopez was responding to a prompt from Owens, who referred to actor Charlize Theron's recently revealed decision to raise her now-7-year-old son Jackson as a girl.

"I'm disappointed to read @MarioLopezExtra comments about parent's who support their child's openes [sic] about their gender identity".

When Owens pressed him about play dates in which his kids might spend time at other homes where parents were "confusing people" about gender, he said that wasn't a problem.

First, Mario Lopez mistook gender identity with sexuality halfway through a sentence, so already ... what are you doing?

Not only that, but allowing your children to be who they are isn't a "trend".

Brown also suggested having a conversation with Lopez to help him understand his error.

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In the interview, Owens herself cast the issue as a "scary trend coming out of Hollywood right now", a framing that Lopez acceded to in his comments. There's a surprising amount of support for Lopez, which is disheartening because it shows that there are more than a few people who are unwilling to understand why statements like this are damaging. During his chat with the controversial Owens, Lopez started speaking about the LGBTQ community, and transgender children in particular.

I wish that was all he said. Well, now that they have, it looks like no bell can save Lopez, with social media lit up with criticism of his "transphobia", for which he was summarily "canceled" in the eyes of many liberal tweeters.

Lopez also discussed the #BelieveWomen hashtag, saying blanket statements like that could be risky, because sometimes both men and women do lie.

"I think it's risky, as a parent, to make that determination", Lopez told conservative pundit Candace Owens on her show after she called the trend of raising transgender children "weird" and "scary" in a June conversation with the "Extra" host.

Maybe, if you are uninformed like Lopez is, you should research into the communities you're opining about, talk to those who are a part of them, and learn before opening your mouth with a bad opinion. But I do believe he should be given the opportunity to learn why his comments are harmful to trans youth and their parents.

Lopez received an enormous amount of pushback for his comments and apologized on Wednesday for what he described as an "ignorant and insensitive" interview, saying he has since developed a better understanding of why his observations were so hurtful. Look, I'm never one to tell anyone how to parent their kids obviously and I think if you come from a place of love, you really can't go wrong.

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