Public jailbreak released after Apple mistakenly reverses vulnerability

Apple sues company that sells a virtual iPhone complete with iOS

Apple sues company that sells a virtual iPhone complete with iOS

This tallies with an earlier report by Forbes that claimed that vulnerabilities found in iOS was sold off to the highest bidder, thereby creating "An Apple Hacker's Paradise". He also notes that it's unclear if the jailbreak will affect how the iPhone handles its Apple Card features, so if that's something you consider a deal-breaker it's advisable to wait for confirmation that the Apple Card features in iOS 12.4 still work on jailbroken devices.

While jailbreaking was still doable beforehand, it's been a while since you could do it on iPhones running the latest version of iOS.

Apple had fixed the issue in iOS 12.3, but the company has seemingly reversed the patch, allowing for it to be exploited again.

This security flaw made it possible for maliciously crafted apps to execute arbitrary code using system privileges on iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

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Williamson released an iOS 12.2 exploit in July and dubbed it SockPuppet, an exploit which was included by hackers as part of new jailbreaks targeting that iOS version until Apple patched it and released 12.3.

The new (old) exploit has allowed for the release of new jailbreaks supporting the beloved Cydia app store, and it appears to be working flawlessly with one admittedly big exception.

Pwn20wnd, who developed and released the jailbreak for free, said that "it is very likely that someone is already exploiting this bug for bad purposes".

In the meantime, users running iOS 12.4 who have zero interest in jailbreaking their iPhones should take extra care downloading apps.

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