Robert De Niro Launches Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee for Money Embezzlement

Robert De Niro Launches Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee for Money Embezzlement

Robert De Niro Launches Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee for Money Embezzlement

Robert De Niro's production company is suing a former executive for $3 million.

During a four-day period in January, Robinson is alleged to have watched 55 episodes of sitcom Friends, while ordering lunch on one of those days from high-end delivery service Caviar San Francisco and having dinner at lavish Manhattan eatery Paolo's Restaurant. During another four-day period in March, Robinson allegedly watched 20 episodes of Arrested Development (more than seven hours) and 10 episodes of Schitt's Creek (three and a half hours, and nearly an entire 13-episode season). Hey, at least she has decent taste in TV.

According to Variety, the loan-out company has accused Chase Robinson, ex-vice president of production and finance, of spending "astronomical amounts of time" binge-watching Friends, dropping thousands of dollars at expensive hotels and restaurants, and using De Niro's own frequent flyer miles to book personal travel.

In 2019, her salary was $300,000, according to the court filing.

Specifically, she is accused of making $12,696.65 in unauthorized charges at Paola's over a two-year period, in addition to $8,923.20 at Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods, and $32,000 for Ubers and taxis.

The suit also alleged that she charged the company huge hotel and restaurant bills, including $US12,696.65 in unauthorised charges at swanky NY eatery Paola's Restaurant over two years.

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She later drafted a recommendation letter for herself, but De Niro refused to sign it, according to lawyers for Canal Productions.

Canal Productions accuses Chase Robinson of "breaching her fiduciary duties" and seeks $6m (£5m) in damages.

The company also alleges that she "loafed during working hours" and spent "astronomical amounts of time" watching Netlix when she was supposed to be working. Canal is seeking $3 million in damages for her "disloyalty and violation or the faithless servant doctrine", and an additional $3 million to cover the value of the funds and property she allegedly "misappropriated".

Business Insider messaged Robinson for comment but hasn't gotten a response.

De Niro is shortly to be seen opposite Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker, as well as in The Irishman, his latest reunion with Martin Scorsese, which has been made by Netflix.

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