Space X's Tesla Roadster 'completes its first lap of the sun'

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Finishes Its First Trip Around The Sun

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Finishes Its First Trip Around The Sun

Musk and SpaceX upset some scientists when Starman and the Roadster was launched because there is a chance it could impact the Earth or Venus millions of years from now, and the auto wasn't scrubbed of Earth life posing a contamination threat to any planet it hits.

Space X's Tesla Roadster, which launched into space previous year along with a mannequin called Starman at the wheel, has completed its first lap of the sun.

Since then, Starman has spent greater than 550 days in outer house.

Now, many months later, the Tesla sports auto has completed its first lap around the Sun.

"If the battery was nonetheless working, Starman has listened to Area Oddity 151,881 occasions since he launched", the monitoring web site says. Two more Falcon Heavy launches are planned for 2020.

As per the data provided by the tracking service, at the time of this writing the auto is 185.5 million miles away from Earth, passing right between the orbits of Mars and Venus, who are somewhat aligned with each other on the other side of the Sun relative to Earth.

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The cherry-red Roadster was initially despatched on a path towards Mars' orbit.

There was a significant concern in the scientific community regarding the possibility that the Roadster might crash right into Mars, potentially contaminating the planet with bacteria from Earth and making it more hard for researchers to determine the history (if there is any) of life on Mars.

It's unclear what other achievements the Roadster will accomplish in space. Luckily enough, Starman had already passed the orbit of Mars and was heading out toward the asteroid belt by November past year.

Cornell University researchers have predicted that Starman will eventually crash into Earth, Venus or the sun, although it could take more than 10 million years for that to occur.

Rein's research means that we could even get a telescopic glimpse of the Roadster inside 100 years if the automobile flies inside one Earth-moon distance. The next time Starman and the Roadster will get close to the Earth will come on November 5th, 2020.

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