System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is in development

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is in development

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is in development

While we are all still waiting for System Shock 3, Nightdive Studio announces what sounds a bit like a sop, but it will surely please fans of the saga. Gut says there's a solid chance of a sneaky trailer for the game dropping during the new press conference that's being held during Gamescom, but we'll keep you posted. However, with this news it could mean that System Shock remake is nearly ready to be released.

Focusing mostly on exploration and figuring out what exactly happen to the crew of the Von Braun, System Shock 2 still retains a lot of its horror trappings even now when its graphics can be generously described as aged. While System Shock: Enhanced Edition had a laundry list of updates, none of those really apply to System Shock 2 - other than perhaps updated resolutions and official mod support. Unfortunately, and besides that, the team did not reveal any additional details.

Developers from all over the industry will be coming together to celebrate just how much System Shock 2 owned.

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Though something of a cult classic, System Shock 2 is considered to be one of the earliest examples of the immersive sim genre and the game was a major inspiration for the acclaimed BioShock series. Given the obvious focus on getting the System Shock remake out, we feel the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2 will either release alongside the System Shock remake in 2020 or slightly thereafter. It was released back in 1999 for Windows PC.

After hearing about the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, what are your thoughts?

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