The Hunt Release Canceled by Universal Pictures

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The movie coming out is made in order....

On Fox & Friends on Thursday, the movie was introduced as "a new movie about killing "deplorables" - some calling it "evil" and 'demented'".

The R-rated movie apparently follows a group of elites hunting other humans for sport and was set to hit theaters on September 27, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Universal Pictures has canceled its plan to release "The Hunt", a satirical thriller about "elites" hunting self-described "normal people", amid a series of mass shootings and criticism that the film could further increase tensions. At least one of those incidents has a strong alleged link to online hate speech propelled in part by President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric. "How did a film like this even get made?" asked host Dean Cain.

Nevertheless, pressure from the Oval Office could have played a role in Universal's decision.

The film's trailer, which appeared following shootings in Texas, Ohio, and California, features many scenes of violence, the use of firearms, and depictions of people being hunted akin to animals. While I commend Universal and Blumhouse for their humanity. Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe tweeted.

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Universal did not state whether they intend to release the movie at a later date, or if The Hunt was being permanently canceled. "Kk cool. Makes sense". They don't know they've been chosen... for a very specific objective ...

Youtube user Chris Stuckmann seemingly disagreed with those who have taken issue with the storyline of the film.

Walmart this week said it would pull displays of violent video games in its stores following the deadly shootings, including one in an El Paso location.

President Trump, who recently also laid blame for the mass shootings in Texas and OH on mental illness and video games, tweeted about the film on Friday.

It's a hard concern to have a conversation about, as Universal has already, in response to this controversy and heightened concerns over violent media in the wake of yet another round of mass shootings over the past week, pulled all advertising of the film from official channels.

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