Viral clip of Russian policeman punching female protester stirs anger

Viral clip of Russian policeman punching female protester stirs anger

Viral clip of Russian policeman punching female protester stirs anger

Krid, who has over 10 million followers, shared footage of the Saturday incident on his IG page - which showed the masked riot cops dragging an unarmed woman, identified by Reuters as Daria Sosnovskaya, and one of them punching her in the stomach. In the clip, seen here in a YouTube account belonging to VOA News, an officer is seen punching Sosnovskaya in the stomach as officers dragged her to a police vehicle.

Police detained 136 at a protest in Moscow on Saturday that was authorised by city hall, with most taken into custody after they headed towards the presidential administration offices. The protests have been emboldened by an anti-Kremlin movement that has been gaining momentum to challenge President Vladimir Putin and his grip on the Russian government. The clip garnered well over 3 million views as a result.

"What kind of a scumbag do you need to be to hit a member of the fairer sex".

"Police officers started running towards me", she told the website. "This kind of thing just shouldn't happen", wrote Krid alongside the clip. Lazarev described the police officer's behavior a "disgrace".

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Russian authorities have rejected accusations they have used excessive force to disperse such protests, which have now been going on for five weeks, although the United States and the European Union have questioned their use of force.

Sosnovskaya, who had earlier attended the sanctioned demonstration, said she was detained after complaining to police about their arrest of a man who appeared to suffer from some kind of a disability. On Monday, she filed a complaint with Russia's Investigative Committee, requesting a probe into the alleged abuse of power. Sosnovskaya has submitted a complaint askingfor charges to be brought against the officer involved, and leading human rights advocate Pavel Chikov offered a 100,000-ruble ($1,525) reward for identifying information about the officer.

The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow stated that Officer Sergei Tsyplakov was not involved in beating of the woman at the rally on August 10.

Several Russians hurt by police at the protests are seeking redress through the courts.

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