Woman goes to hospital for kidney stones, gives birth to triplets instead

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Dannette Giltz, from Sturgis in South Dakota, in the United States, had no idea she was pregnant until she arrived at hospital on August 10.

She says that when she started having pains, she thought it was from kidney stones, which she has had before. Giltz says that despite having two other children, she did not know she was 34 weeks pregnant. So everyone's like, 'We can't believe it.' I am like, 'We're still in shock. She added, "It's insane". Their 10-year-old brother Ronnie said it was all because of a wish he made on a shooting star.

Dannette Giltz from Sturgis, South Dakota, was rushed to hospital when she started experiencing excruciating pain in her abdomen.

"His reaction is like, 'Excuse me, put it back, no, I was told I have twins, I'm not doing triplets.' She's like, 'No, there's three babies in here, there's triplets, ' " Giltz told the outlet.

The mother of two was left in complete and utter shock when doctors advised she was in labour.

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According to www.ladbible.com, Giltz said most of their friends and family were dumbfounded by the news.

In the midst of this huge surprise, the triplets were named Blaze, Gypsy and Nikki.

Giltz said she was amazed by how much support she got from her community and added that she couldn't have gotten through this time without them.

According to the mother's Facebook posts, the newborn triplets born on August 10, weighing about 4 pounds each, are in good health and expected to come home in a few days.

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