A Fourth Death Is Connected to Vaping Pot

US health officials report new vaping deaths repeat warning

US health officials report new vaping deaths repeat warning

Whether the oils in the lungs came from the e-cigarettes, the body, or somewhere else entirely, is up for debate.

The Minnesota case occurred in August and the person, who had an underlying lung disease, died after "a long and complicated hospitalization" that was complicated by other conditions, according to health officials in Minnesota. People using e-cigarettes who experience these symptoms should "promptly seek medical attention for any health concerns", Meaney-Delman said.

USA health officials are urging Americans to stop vaping while they investigate at least five deaths and over 450 cases of a serious lung illness which has cropped up in otherwise "healthy young people" who vape in over 33 states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated people who vape should not buy anything off the street, modify the devices or add to the products.

In the more than 450 reported cases, every patient vaped; however, the products they used varied, containing substances like THC, vitamin E acetate, and/or nicotine, according to the Washington Post. The FDA is analyzing samples submitted by a number of states for the presence of a broad range of chemicals, including nicotine, THC and other cannabinoids along with cutting agents/diluents and other additives, pesticides, opioids, poisons, heavy metals and toxins.

The US health officials confirmed that several teens have left in induced comas, while at least five people have died in the United States after vaping, federal officials said Friday.

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Deaths in the states of Indiana, California, and Minnesota were reported by officials. Christiani said that "efforts should be made to increase public awareness of the harmful effect of vaping, and physicians should discourage their patients from vaping".

Many of those who have recovered received steroid treatments, though doctors are not sure whether it was the drugs that cured them.

While numerous patients, but not all, reported recent use of THC-containing products, some reported using both THC and nicotine-containing products while a smaller group reported using nicotine only.

Federal officials said that no single substance has been found present in all the laboratory samples being examined.

"During the Thursday call between state health officials and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), investigators said they'd found a chemical called vitamin E acetate in nearly all of the samples of THC e-cigs they had tested. This chemical may act like grease in the lungs, damaging the tiny sacs that fill with air".

At this time, officials are not clear on what is causing the outbreak.

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