Apple AR Glasses reference discovered in iOS 13

Apple AR Glasses reference discovered in iOS 13

Apple AR Glasses reference discovered in iOS 13

Details pulled from the software may not be accurate by this point in time and may change before iOS 13 is made available to the public.

Just weeks after it was claimed Apple had walked away from a years-long project to develop a pair of augmented reality smart glasses, evidence has emerged suggesting this is not the case.

One rumored product sounds very useful: a new Bluetooth tracking accessory meant to help you keep track of lost items.

Internal builds of Apple's iOS 13 have a "STARTester" app that can be switched in and out of a head mounted mode. Taken together, the reports could, at the very least, corroborate the circular tag design.

Moreover, the README file also suggests that Apple is developing an augmented reality device codenamed as Garta. The tracker has the codename B389, confirmed by an uncovered string of code that says, "tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again".

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"Many of the strings reference augmented reality, including "ARStarBoardViewController" and 'ARStarBoardSceneManager'". B389 is expected to be used as a tag for other items as its goal is defined as "tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again". Tile-like tracking device is code-named "B389" and will be integrated into iOS 13's Find My App, reports MacRumors.

There will be an Items tab in the Find My app, a new app that replaces Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in iOS 13. This could be used to track the location of your personal belongings. This is a great feature from Apple for the iPhone users to let them find their missing items. The tag itself might have an option to locate the phone.

There will also be "Safe Locations", which you can set manually.

When in "Lost Mode", the tags could relay the owner's contact information to iPhone users who come across the lost item.There are also indications that the battery will be removable. They can message and call them to inform that their goods have been found by someone. There will also be augmented reality component to the tracker.

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