Company in trouble as worker dies during "atopa" session on official trip

French Man Dies on Work Trip After Having Sex Paris Court Says'Employer is Responsible For Any Accident That Happens on Work Tour

French Man Dies on Work Trip After Having Sex Paris Court Says'Employer is Responsible For Any Accident That Happens on Work Tour

However, the insurance provider argued that sexual intercourse "is a matter of everyday life, like taking a shower or (having) a meal", and should, therefore, be covered by insurance the same way any other employee behavior exhibited on a work trip would be.

A Frenchman who died of a heart attack while having sex during a business trip for a railway company was the victim of a workplace accident, a court ruled earlier this year.

The man, identified as M Xavier, had travelled to the Loiret region in 2013 for his employer TSO, a railway construction company, where he had sex with a "complete stranger".

He died at a hotel during a trip to central France in 2013, as a result of what the employer called "an extramarital relationship with a ideal stranger".

French judges disagreed with TSO and stated that an employee who is on a work trip remains the responsibility of the employer, regardless of what the employee does during and after working hours.

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A Paris court ruled that his death was an industrial accident and that the family was entitled to compensation.

"French law (article L 411-1 in the social security code) stipulates that a work accident is an accident that occurs in the course of work", a court spokesman told Euronews, adding that work in this context refers to the actual working time at the usual place of work or the time the employee is on a business trip for his employer.

"During the entire period of the business trip, he remains under the employer's authority until he's shown that he has interrupted for an activity that can not be considered part of everyday life", they said.

A Federal Court judge agreed with her that the injury had occurred on a work trip, in the hotel room organised for her by her employer, and that she did not need to prove her injury had been caused by an activity "implied" or "encouraged" by her employer.

Sex is "a matter of everyday life, like taking a shower", reads a French court statement.

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