It Chapter 2: 15 Insane Hidden Details You Definitely Missed

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Killer clowns are making a comeback, and Stephen King's It is responsible for a large part of the modern fear. In 2017, It came out, sparking the newfound rise of Pennywise.

"IT Chapter Two", released on September 6, and is a rare case in which the remake outshines the original, highlighting that with the power of friendship and love, a "sloppy bitch" is no match for "Losers".

It: Chapter Two shows creepy-ass clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) awakening after 27 years to once again feast on the citizens of Derry, Maine.

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Overall, both movies are phenomenal. However, as the director introduced the Andy Muschiettis' IT adaption into the theaters, the effect was not enough for the general public to indulge themselves for the movie even for multiple years. The first movie allows for some horror genre handwaving; however, the complex backstory presented does nothing but complicate matters.

The best thing about the casting of "It Chapter 2" is not only that Hader, Chastain, McAvoy, Mustafa, Ryan, Ransone and Bean look flawless for the part, but that these actors took on their roles so completely.

LOSERS CREEPERS The "Losers Club" reteams for a final battle with evil as Muschietti's two-part adaptation of the King novel concludes. Skarsgård's screentime felt largely reduced in "Chapter Two", though he still manages to be a commanding presence in every scene in which he appears. The latest interpretation of that definitely took inspiration from the spider-like creature, but meshed it with the upper body of the clown, making a very odd CG monster-movie reject.

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Following the second half of King's novel, It Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the first. It Chapter Two is already breaking records so does that mean we could be getting a Chapter Three at one point or another in the future? Add in a pointless and needlessly graphic opening scene - and no, I don't care if it's in the book - and you have a film that feels more bloated than it does scary.

Pennywise's character should have undergone a drastic change as soon as his prey entered the lair, he should have delved into that twisted philosophy that It lives by, yet he remained that goofy clown that did a silly dance and continued to spout out typical baddie one-liners.

The characters' different personalities make the plot of the film even more interesting.

The casting of this movie is nearly impeccable. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone and Andy Bean take on the roles of the adult losers while Bill Skarsgård is back as Pennywise.

More than anything, It: Chapter Two was heartbreaking, and that may be what makes it so terrifying.

The only complaint I have is that an epilepsy warning was not given in the beginning of the film. It was an entertaining horror adventure in the "Stranger Things" vein, and It Chapter Two is still entertaining - though, at almost three hours, it sometimes wears out its welcome. Some of her favorite things are cold brew, books about dragons, and her cat, Sterling.

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