Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is like Wii Fit for the Switch

In The Latest Data From NPD Madden NFL 20 Is August 2019’s Best Selling Game

In The Latest Data From NPD Madden NFL 20 Is August 2019’s Best Selling Game

There are challenges for different fitness levels and body types, and Ring Fit Adventure can be tailored to different players' level of skill.

In Ring Fit Adventure, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life fitness exercises.

While Ring Fit Adventure does feature a sort of quick play mode, the main draw here is a full-fledged adventure that nearly looks like something you'd see out of bizarro-world Dragon Quest. One Joy-Con attaches to the ring while the other goes on a player's leg with the included leg strap.

Nintendo teased a new accessory for its Switch console last week, now we know what it is. Ring Fit Adventure tracks your daily workout routines and turns some of the more popular exercises into mini-games.

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Ring Fit Adventure is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game that will use the Ring Con, a circular controller that employs the Joy-Cons from the system to detect certain motions during the game. This will let them continue every day at an activity level that's comfortable for them.

Two peripherals were revealed today: Ring-Con and Leg Strap. On your turn, you pick from a variety of Fit Skills to determine what kind of attacks you use. Actions that the player performs in-game will earn experience for their character, with level-ups boosting stats and unlocking new Fit Skills that can be used in battle. "Sets" provide linked sequences of different exercises designed around a theme or a particular body part. The game even includes a "Silent" mode for people who live in an upstairs apartment or don't want to make a lot of noise. Ring Fit Adventure will launch on October 18 for $79.99 (UK price TBA), including a copy of the game, a Ring-Con, and a Leg Strap. Finally, Sets mode is the traditional exercise mode, so if you want to get moving but you don't want jump into Adventure mode, it sounds like Sets will be the mode for you.

Nintendo has officially unveiled the Ring Fit line of fitness devices that work with Nintendo Switch.

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