Scottish court rules closing United Kingdom was illegal

So the fact that all three judges at the Court of Session have - albeit by different routes - arrived at the decision that they can intervene is highly significant.

As we've said, the current parliamentary session is the longest parliamentary session in nearly 400 years.

This is different to "dissolving" Parliament - where all MPs give up their seats to campaign in a general election.

Judge Lord Doherty dismissed the challenge at the Court of Session last Wednesday, saying it was for politicians and not the courts to decide.

BORIS JOHNSON was accused of lying to the Queen after judges ruled he unlawfully suspended parliament to shut down debate on Brexit.

The source told the Sun: "We note that last week the high court in London did not rule that prorogation was unlawful".

Normally courts do not intervene in the decisions of the government, using the principle of a "margin of appreciation", which gives ministers more leeway under the law than that of ordinary people or organisations.

Raphael Hogarth, an associate at the Institute for Government, said: "If the Supreme Court rules next week that the prorogation was unlawful, then I'd expect Parliament to be sitting again in very short order".

The matter has been referred to the UK Supreme Court, which is expected to hear the arguments on Tuesday.

The chair of the Commons' Brexit select committee, Labour's Hilary Benn, the Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, and Labour's Meg Hillier, who is standing to replace John Bercow as Speaker, were among those at a gathering outside Westminster and said they will continue to work throughout the suspension, even though they can not hold any debates or speak in the Commons' chamber.

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Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir said: "What Boris Johnson should do is to urgently recall Parliament".

Carloway said: "The circumstances demonstrate that the true reason for the prorogation is to reduce the time available for parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit at a time when such scrutiny would appear to be a matter of considerable importance, given the issues at stake".

"Mr Johnson doesn't have a majority, the Speaker is very concerned about the circumstances of the prorogation, his concerns have been vindicated by this ruling and therefore Parliament should return and we should be able to get on with our jobs representing our constituents".

Joylon Maugham QC, a legal campaigner who funded the legal action with his Good Law Project, said the ruling was a win for democracy.

We have won. Appeal begins in the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

"We have set out the reasons in public why we have prorogued".

She challenged the Prime Minister to "end that illegality by immediately recalling Parliament".

I am pleased that Scotland's highest court agrees. But ultimately, as has always been the case, it's the final arbiter's decision that matters. They also claimed "proroguing Parliament is the legal and necessary way of delivering" the government's "domestic legislative agenda".

The constitutional crisis facing the Prime Minister intensified when the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the lengthy suspension was an "improper" attempt to prevent MPs from discussing Brexit. "Central", he told the BBC.

"So it's possible that they also misled the Queen".

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