Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 Lineup Prices Could Soar Due To Advanced Features

Fans of Apple have long wondered when the two devices will hit the stores, and now we have a very reliable source that claims their releases will both happen in 2020.

The report from Fast Company describes Apple's relationship with modem-maker Qualcomm as "uneasy".

Citing a source acquainted with the matter, a Fast Company report on Thursday stated Apple aims to have its 5G modem all set by 2022, a strong timeline considering the amount of advancement and testing required to present such sophisticated- and greatly regulated- hardware.

While Apple is pushing to meet a 2022 deadline - says the report's source, who is said to have knowledge of the plans - that same source believes that a two-year deadline for the modem is "really pushing it". Even if the fabrication is done in time, there should be given time for testing, optimization, certification to ensure compliance with global standards, as well as the domestic FCC. China's UDN News shared details of some of the defining features of the upcoming iPhone 2020.

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The point in Ming-Chi Kuo's blog that has raised eyebrows among observers is a prediction that the new iPad Pro which Apple proposes to launch next year will sport a Time of Flight or ToF camera in the rear. It was no secret that Intel was working on a 5G modem when it sold off this arm of its company, just like it was no secret why Apple was the one to purchase it. MacRumors noted that the 2020 iPhones will signal Apple's plan to transition from Intel to Qualcomm after settling with the latter over legal disagreements.

With cameras better suited for AR and 5G support, Apple's next generation seems like it could be more about future-proofing the iPhone with up-and-coming technologies rather than focusing on features that are useful in the near term. Following word of the settlement, Intel revealed strategies to leave the mobile phone modem industry.

Certainly, it'll be a challenge for Apple to finalize this project by 2022, not only because of all the stages the company needs to complete, but also because it needs its modem to provide a flawless experience on the iPhone. Those properties will likely serve as the basis of Apple's modem design, today's report stated.

While Apple already uses Intel modems in its iPhones, the firm grew dissatisfied with the pace of the supplier. Terzioglu's present title at Apple is "wireless SoC lead". It would then work to integrate it into a system-on-chip (SoC) in 2023.

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