Google unveils quantum computer breakthru, critics say wait a qubit

UCSB Gauchos help achieve quantum supremacy

UCSB Gauchos help achieve quantum supremacy

Torsten Siebert, manager of the quantum computing research program at Germany's Fraunhofer Society, agreed that 'progress was likely to be achieved through such hybrid combinations'. It computes its algorithms superfast.

Quantum computers use the laws of quantum mechanics and units known as qubits to greatly increase the threshold at which information can be transmitted and processed. This means superfast processing speeds.

Quantum Computing Inc (OTCMKTS:QUBT) is placing a gargantuan bet on the power of quantum computers to solve the most hard and intractable problems in the fields of portfolio management, big data and artificial intelligence. Quantum computers require an environment just above absolute zero to operate, so they're not exactly easy to operate and maintain outside of the global tech giants. Using a quantum computer called Sycamore, the researchers entangled its 53 qubits into a complex superposition state and then asked the computer to perform an operation similar to random-number generation. A commercial-grade quantum computer could have as many as 1 million qubits.

Google says it has built a computer that is capable of solving problems that classical computers practically can not.

"We urge the community to treat claims that, for the first time, a quantum computer did something that a classical computer can not with a large dose of skepticism", IBM contradicted.

The CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai explained in detail regarding this huge achievement. "But it showed the possibility that a plane could fly".

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For those who know some physics and are up for the challenge, the Nature paper is an enticing forest of quantum concepts-from qubits to cross-entropy benchmarking and beyond-that explains precisely how the quantum supremacy experiment was carried out and why it is of inestimable import.

Google said it imagines a range of possible real-world applications of the breakthrough but it could take many years before we see any of those such as "new materials - lightweight batteries for cars and airplanes, new catalysts that can produce fertilizer more efficiently (a process that today produces over 2 percent of the world's carbon emissions), and more effective medicines".

A quantum machine doesn't work the same way as your regular computer does. It followed weeks of controversy since a draft leaked over whether Google's claim of "quantum supremacy" was valid.

While other prototypes of so-called quantum computers do exist, developed by companies ranging from IBM to start-ups such as Rigetti Computing, they can only perform the same tasks at quicker speeds like classical computers.

A rival team at IBM has already expressed scepticism about their claim.

The researchers also estimated the performance of individual components to accurately predict the performance of the entire Sycamore device, demonstrating that quantum information behaves consistently as it is scaled up-a necessary property for the design of large-scale quantum computers. The United States is allegedly trying to catch up, which sparks speculations that there is a quantum arms race between both countries.

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