Harrison Barnes to Pay for Funeral of Texas Woman Killed by Officer

Harrison Barnes to Pay for Funeral of Texas Woman Killed by Officer

Harrison Barnes to Pay for Funeral of Texas Woman Killed by Officer

Eight days after Amber Guyger, an ex-police officer in Dallas, received a sentence of 10 years for killing Botham Shem Jean in his home, a police officer in Fort Worth shot through a window killing 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson.

Documents launched Tuesday demonstrate that Jefferson had picked up her gun earlier than she modified into as soon as killed because she heard a noise outside. There was no immediate response to the call but when the police finally arrived in the early morning hours, the officer said he saw someone standing near a window.

Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes, formerly of the Dallas Mavericks, is paying for the funeral of Atatiana Jefferson, left, who was killed in her apartment when a Fort Worth, Texas police officer fired a gunshot through a back window, according to reports.

Atatiana Jefferson, a caring daughter, and lovely aunt, has to die from the bullets of an irresponsible white police officer.

Dean, who fired the fatal shot, had been with the department since the spring of previous year. CBS News spoke to a former Fort Worth officer who echoed that sentiment.

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"You are at a higher sensitivity to what is going on with that house", London said. He perceived a threat he said, and called out, "Put your hands up! Show me your hands!" seconds before he opened fire, striking Jefferson.

Halstead told CNN body camera footage released by police did not suggest there was a crime happening at the time of the incident. "It's not normal for them to have both of the doors open this time of night", Jefferson's neighbor said, according to audio of the phone call released by authorities.

The neighbor suspected there was something wrong in the residence after noticing the front door was open. "It was a gesture that my wife and I wanted to do for them". "The lights were on, there modified into as soon as proof that folks were living there, there were toys". The footage shows that Dean did not identify himself as a police officer.

"Why they developed to an extremely dark yard house with out a minimum of ringing the doorbell or checking the entrance?"

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