NordVPN confirms 2018 security breach involving datacenter partner

NordVPN confirms 2018 security breach involving datacenter partner

NordVPN confirms 2018 security breach involving datacenter partner

NordVPN, one of the world's most popular VPN providers, has confirmed that it was hacked by an unidentified party as early as March 2018. "We were unaware that such a system existed", said NordVPN blog editor Daniel Markuson.

With regard to activity logs and user credentials, the company insisted that "none of [its] applications send user-created credentials for authentication", so these are secure. Many corporations use VPN services for remote users, while for home use, VPNs are often used to circumvent things like geo-blocks to watch a video or access other media not available in a specific region.

The affected server was added to NordVPN's server list on January 31st that year.

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NordVPN didn't name the data center provider but said that it terminated its contract with the server provider and shredded all of the servers it had been renting from them. It didn't disclose the breach immediately because it had to audit the rest of its infrastructure to ensure similar issues wouldn't occur elsewhere.

Troubling, however, is that one NordVPN researcher, who declined to be identified, said this attack is indicative of a larger issue, a "full remote compromise of this provider's systems". They can also connect to proxy servers to further protect personal identity on the internet (for good or evil intent). It says it will require providers it works with to meet higher security standards. It's also moving all of its servers to RAM, a process that should be completed next year. As such, NordVPN is doubling down on security. "[Next] year we will launch an independent external audit all of our infrastructure to make sure we did not miss anything else".

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