Planet Nine Mystery Could Be Caused by a Black Hole Say Scientists

Planet nine 9 orbit

Planet nine 9 orbit

However, now two physicists are suggesting that the enigmatic "Planet X" isn't a planet at all, but a planet-mass black hole, sucking in matter from its surroundings. They concluded that, based on simulations, a massive planet has been orbiting the edge of our solar system and that its gravitational force is acting on these objects.

Could the effects of a hypothetical "Planet Nine" which astronomers have been searching for since 2016 actually be caused by a black hole lurking on the edge of the solar system?

Some facts about this mysterious "planet" state that it orbits the sun every 20,000 years and is located extremely far away thus diluting any possible chance of being seen. Authors Jakub Scholtz and James Unwin, both physics PhDs, urge us to consider the notion of a relatively close black hole. The theory goes that nature is inherently messy and, as a result, when the universe exploded outwards some areas were "denser and hotter than others", as explains it, and these areas then collapsed in on themselves to form black holes within milliseconds.

Five years ago, a study was published indicating the presence of a large, hypothetical world tens of millions of miles from the Sun, which has come to be known as "Planet Nine" or "Planet X".

What is a black hole?

Scientists have come up with a weird yet plausible theory possibly explaining the reason behind "Planet Nine" posing an vast difficulty in being found.

"Second, there is set of gravitational anomalies recently observed by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE)", they continue.

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To search for the potential mini black hole in our cosmic backyard, we'll have to be creative in the tools we use.

"Since there is a small chance for new physics at this energy scale, I find it hard to believe that primordial black holes of this mass exist", he added.

Another theory suggests it could be a primordial black hole.

Posted Tuesday on arXiv, the paper suggests that the still-unseen source-which some call Planet Nine, or Planet X-could actually be a small primordial black hole.

Theoretically, a primordial black hole would produce "annihilation signals" write say Unwin and Scholtz that occur when the black hole's dark matter particles are destroyed upon contact with their anti-particle counterparts, generating light radiation that could be potentially be picked up by instruments like the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope or the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Conspiracy nuts have claimed for years that a rogue planet called Nibiru may one day smash into Earth, destroying all life as we know it.

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