Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Impeachment Hearing

Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Impeachment Hearing

Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Impeachment Hearing

Fiona Hill, the former Russian Federation specialist on Trump's National Security Council, resigned in August and was deposed Monday by the House Oversight, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees.

Fiona Hill, a former White House advisor on Russian Federation who resigned just before President Trump's much talked about phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, is testifying on Capitol Hill Monday morning as part of the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

"Pursuant to the Dwelling Principles and the Dwelling Deposition Laws, easiest Contributors and designated workers from the three committees carrying out the joint investigation - the Intelligence, Oversight, and Foreign places Affairs Committees - are accredited to again and expend part in a deposition", the legit acknowledged.

Rep. Gaetz is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and does not sit on any of the committees that subpoenaed Hill. "It's not like, you know, I'm on the Agriculture Committee", he said afterward. "What are the Democrats so afraid of?"

"Judiciary Chairman [Jerry Nadler] claimed to have begun the impeachment inquiry weeks ago", Gaetz tweeted. "And yes - my constituents want me actively involved in stopping the #KangarooCourtCoup run by Shifty Schiff".

Gaetz is not the only Republican who has been disappointed with Schiff and his handling of the impeachment inquiry. Hill was subpoenaed by the committees.

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"The tragedy here and the crime here is that the American people don't get to see what's going on in these up in these sessions", Jordan said.

However, Trump's Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland later defied an order to not cooperate with the investigation and met with congressional representatives last week, despite having earlier refused to do so.

House Democrats have been fearful that closed-door testimonies will lead to Trump's loyalists in Congress running to the White House to tell Trump everything that happened.

President Trump is still fuming at Schiff for embellishing parts of his phone call with President Zelensky. "We have the best evidence of that".

"Our primary interest right now is making sure that that person is protected", Schiff said.

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