Samsung 'Space Selfie' satellite crash lands on farm

Nancy Mumby-Welke  Facebook

A pseudo Samsung space satellite fell from the sky and landed in Michigan Oct. 26 2019

Nancy Mumby-Welke Facebook A pseudo Samsung space satellite fell from the sky and landed in Michigan Oct. 26 2019

In a Facebook post, farm owner Nancy Mumby-Welke of Gratiot County, Michigan, talked about the initial impact of the "satellite".

The Samsung Space Selfie was sent into space October 25 out of South Dakota with a selfie taken by actor and model Cara Delevingne.

The structure was just half of a balloon launched by Samsung Europe for a "Space Selfie" campaign that allowed customers to send their selfies into the Earth's stratosphere via a Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. The vessel didn't hurt anyone or damage property, but it was clearly a less-than-ideal touchdown - Samsung characterized it as an "early soft landing in a selected rural area" that was prompted by USA weather conditions.

A MI couple found the phone maker's "SpaceSelfie" balloon (meant to pitch the Galaxy S10) in their yard after it crashed to Earth on October 26th. "Thank God there's no horses out and it didn't hit the house". "We regret any inconvenience this could have caused". Merrill's local media reached the spot in time to click some clear pictures of the fallen satellite showing the "SpaceSelfie" branding along with some placards with the Samsung logo lying around.

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"No injuries occurred and the balloon was subsequently retrieved", the statement said.

Our disappoint at not being able to get our mugs in space aside, the satellite was launched from Iowa on Friday according to Business Insider.

The two investigated the contraption and noticed labels for Samsung and Raven Industries-a South Dakota company that manufactures altitude balloons and agriculture satellite devices.

Samsung, which has launched phone-bearing balloons elsewhere in places like Malaysia, did not immediately respond to clarify its balloon accounting. The emergency landing site they choose happened to be the farm of Nancy and Dan Welke. Samsung claimed that the landing was planned however was slightly premature. After clicking the first space selfie, the balloon was subjected to inclement weather, the balloon splintered down in a farm in MI.

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