There's a Training Day prequel coming, for some reason

Training Day

Training Day

Warner Bros has hired Black list writer Nick Yarborough to write this Training Day prequel, which would take place nearly a decade before the events of the original movie.

A prequel to acclaimed crime drama Coaching Day is reportedly being developed by Warner Bros.

It was the breakthrough script for David Ayer, who would go on to write and direct movies like Harsh Times, End of Watch, Sabotage, Fury, with Brad Pitt, and Suicide Squad (he also had a small acting role as a Russian hitman in Training Day).

The new film will feature a younger Alonzo Harris, who was played by Denzel Washington in the original. The story is set to follow Alonzo Harris ten years before the events of the original movie, at a time when Los Angeles was on-edge in the wake of the infamous Rodney King beating and show his descent into the dark cop that he became.

Denzel was an Oscar for his role as the corrupt detective in the 2001 film, which also starred Ethan Hawke and Eva Mendes.

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The prequel was written by Nick Yarborough, the up-and-coming screenwriter whose script Letters from Rosemary Kennedy was voted to the 2016 Black List of Hollywood's best-unproduced screenplays, Collider reports.

Since the project is still in very early stages of development, there is now no director attached yet to the film.

Though casting on the venture is but to be introduced, Collider claims that Washington's son, BlacKkKlansman's John David Washington, might probably step into the function.

Something interesting to point out about this project is the timeline as Washington was 46 when the film was released. A representative for Warner Bros. did not respond to a request for comment. It's a great film that has its place in movie history and that should be all there is to it.

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