Tile Sticker and Tile Slim are the company's thinnest trackers to date

The Sticker is Tile's new coin-sized Bluetooth tracker- Tile releases its smallest Bluetooth tracker ever

The Sticker is Tile's new coin-sized Bluetooth tracker- Tile releases its smallest Bluetooth tracker ever

The new Tile Slim is also waterproof and features a 200-foot range and a 3-year, non-replaceable battery.

The Tile Sticker is a button-style tracker that uses 3M adhesive to stick onto most metal and plastic surfaces.

Tile has partnered with 3M for the adhesive used on the Sticker, and the company says that it should last up to three to five years if the tracker is pasted on a clean, flat surface.

Tile claims the Sticker has an impressive range of 150 feet and a 3-year battery life. Since it is waterproof, you can also stick it on outdoor items as well - like a bike. The new Mate is available only in white; the Pro comes in black and white.

As well as the all-new Sticker, Tile has revamped its existing Tile Slim, which now ships in the shape of a credit card to fit snuggly inside your wallet or purse. The standard Tile Mate and Tile Pro also got a refresh, now offering enhanced range (200 feet for the Mate, 400 feet for the Pro). For those that like to move their Sticker around Tile will be selling replacement adhesive pads via their website for a nominal cost.

We have a full set of the new Tile line up coming in for review and we will be putting them all through their paces, as well as taking a good look at Tile's premium subscription service Tile Premium.

Tile uses its newly-expanded Bluetooth range and increased volume to help customers find their misplaced possessions. Once an item is marked as lost, if any member of the Tile Community wanders within Bluetooth range of the missing item, the owner is able to be notified with its location.

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"Our customers increasingly rely on Tile to find and keep track of all of their belongings", Tile CEO Prober added.

"Whether it's their backpacks, their cameras, or their keys, the Tile community comes together to locate lost items".

The entire Tile family is available now.

Elsewhere in the Tile family, the Tile Pro and Tile Mate have both been updated to provide better ranges - with the Tile Pro now offering 122 metre range and the Tile Mate offering 60 metre range.

Tile has also spent time whittling down the Tile Slim - a tracker created to slip neatly into your wallet and help avoid last-minute pocket-searching panics before you leave the house.

Prices for the new Tile Sticker start from $39.99 / AU$50 (about £30) for a pack of two, or $59.99 / AU$80 (about £50) for a pack of four.

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