Tiny Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV is a production-ready electric city auto

Tiny Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV is a production-ready electric city auto

Tiny Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV is a production-ready electric city auto

Tiny cornering angle is being advertised as one of its core features, especially useful on crowded streets and parking areas.

With a claimed range of 62 miles, an "extremely tight" turning radius and a top speed of just 37mph, the model is aimed squarely at drivers in built-up urban environments, and more specifically the elderly. The Ultra-compact BEV is said to be well suited to meet the requirements of municipalities working to ensure safe and eco-friendly transportation. This tiny, two-seater tyke of a vehicle is aimed at providing environmentally-friendly short-distance transportation.

Though the technical specs of the model have not been announced yet, Toyota's Head of Development Akihiro Yanaka states that this model will provide customers with "greater autonomy".

According to Toyota, two-seat electric vehicle has been specially designed for people who need to make short daily trips, such as the elderly, new drivers, or business people visiting local clients. This includes examining every step of the battery's life, from manufacture through sale, resale or re-use, and recycling to maximize its value.

While TMC is yet to reveal the specifics of the Ultra-compact BEV's powertrain and battery, it has confirmed that it can travel about 100km between charges, while a full charge takes about five hours when using a 200V charger.

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To maximise the value of used batteries in the near term, TMC will expand leasing initiatives that are created to recapture them for evaluation and reuse - as appropriate - in used vehicles or as service parts.

The Japanese company has its sights set on a greener future and is also developing peripheral services for battery electric vehicles such as charging stations and insurance companies.

The model will debut in production-ready guise at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, alongside an interesting Ultra Compact BEV Concept for Business and several walking area BEVs.

Alongside the aforementioned small EV, Toyota will also showcase a concept version meant for businesses.

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