Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games Won't Ban Players For Political Speech

Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games Won't Ban Players For Political Speech

Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games Won't Ban Players For Political Speech

In the since-deleted tweet, Jayne said while he recognized Blizzard's right to enforce its rules, he condemns "the censorship and severity of consequences brought against an individual who was campaigning for a human right social movement".

The latest, and perhaps biggest example of this is the ongoing controversy involving Blizzard Entertainment, who suspended a Hearthstone pro for expressing his support for the protests now happening in Hong Kong.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. According to a Daily Beast report, some of that reaction has come from within the company itself, as a small number of employees walked out of work yesterday afternoon to protest its actions. Protesters held up umbrellas, which have been adopted as a symbol for "Free Hong Kong" protests that are now ongoing.

Kibler, who himself has competed in several professional-level tournaments for Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering and been a frequent caster for Hearthstone in the past, was scheduled to cast for the Grandmasters finals at BlizzCon 2019, which is taking place November 1-2 this year.

In the blog post announcing Blitzchung's ban, Blizzard said he had violated the rules of the competition by making statements that were harmful to the company.

PM to visit Riyadh, Tehran after China visit
The Pakistani prime minister is likely to travel to Iran and Saudi Arabia until next week, the report did not elaborate details. The Premier had made these remarks in September, in the aftermath of his official visit to NY to attend the 74th UNGA session.

Speaking with IGN, Chung, who will also not receive any of his prize money from Grandmasters Season 2, said "I expected the decision by Blizzard, I think it's unfair, but I do respect their decision".

The group of about 30 workers, with protests filtering in and out all day, stood around the main statue of an Orc warrior that decorates Blizzard's main plaza. "Blizzard makes a lot of money in China, but now the company is in this awkward position where we can't abide by our values".

Over the last four months, millions of people in Hong Kong have marched to demand sovereignty from mainland China and protest increasingly poor socioeconomic conditions.

A purported photo of the walkout was posted to the Hearthstone subreddit yesterday by someone claiming to be a Blizzard employee.

That kind of appeasement is simply not something I can in good conscience be associated with. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., wrote on Twitter. Both of them lost their jobs, pertaining not only to Hearthstone but also the casting of additional Blizzard titles like Overwatch and World of Warcraft. "No American company should censor calls for freedom to make a quick buck".

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