World of Warcraft Introducing Vulpera and Mechagnome Classes In New Update

World of Warcraft Introducing Vulpera and Mechagnome Classes In New Update

World of Warcraft Introducing Vulpera and Mechagnome Classes In New Update

Though it's World Of Warcraft Basic that's been the main focus of Blizzard's consideration these days, the common model of the long-running MMO has simply introduced a serious replace that introduces two new allied races, and all without having a paid-for growth.

If you've been playing World of Warcraft since the inclusion of the Battle For Azeroth expansion, you'll likely already be familiar with the Vulpera - a race of cute fox people that predominately chill around the Vol'dun zone found on the island of Zandala and a part of the Horde faction.

Visions of N'zoth is bringing new features for players, but perhaps the highlight is the Vulpera playable race, which you can see pictured below. He doesn't get to the new allied races until 13 minutes in to the 18 minute video.

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You the player will be exploring the Eldritch dimension to battle the Lovecraftian monsters in a new realm. In addition to the brand new races it additionally has a brand new story that includes each the Alliance and the Horde races combating an elder god. When this assault happens in one of the two zones that zone will physically change and "overflow with powerful lieutenants of N'zoth". Moreover, there are going to be time-limited quests, objectives during these assaults as well as opportunities for treasures and other rewards. These solo campaigns are centered around potential futures where N'Zoth wins and alters Stormwind and Ogrimmar.

WoW Classic's phases are still in play: The honor system and world bosses will be "just around the corner" following the Dire Maul rollout, and a solid date will be announced "as soon as we have it", Hazzikostas says.

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