New Zealand passes 'zero-carbon' law to combat climate change

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In a great move to reduce its greenhouse emissions and combat climate change, the New Zealand parliament passed a "zero carbon" bill that would reduce its carbon emissions to near-zero levels by 2050.

The bill would require all greenhouse gases except methane from animals to be reduced to net zero by 2050.

Jacinda Ardern told Mike Hosking she's working with people in the agricultural sector about how it would affect them.

New Zealand's leader has been praised around the world as her landmark legislation passes through parliament with cross-party support.

The laws, which was supported on each side of the political divide, mandates that the nation ought to produce no greenhouse-gases- besides methane- by the center of the century, as a part of New Zealand's bid to fulfill its Paris local weather accord commitments.

The bill sets a trajectory for reducing emissions and introduces a range of complementary measures, including the establishment of an independent Climate Change Commission to advise advice to the NZ government on reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change, as well as determining emissions budgets.

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The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, passed with near-consensus, with the ACT New Zealand Party's David Seymour voting against the bill.

OSOF has been an active voice in addressing the global climate crisis through its Climate Action Now brand, and overall mission to protect New Zealand's coastal and marine ecosystems. "Forcing them to reduce production is not only going to make New Zealand poorer but will likely increase global emissions, so we will effectively be shooting ourselves in both feet".

"We're even more pleased to hear the Bill passed on a almost united front, 119 votes to one".

The prime minister delivered an inspiring and incredible speech to her fellow MPs, insisting she was proud that her country would be "on the right side of history". On a daily basis, they are already seeing those impacts.

"We as the elected representatives of New Zealanders must take the opportunity to act on climate change before the window closes", Shaw added.

"We've led the world before in nuclear disarmament and in votes for women, now we are leading again", he said. Methane emissions would be reduced by 10 percent by 2030, and by one-quarter to one-half by 2050.

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