UK halts support for fracking due to earthquake fears

UK halts support for fracking due to earthquake fears

UK halts support for fracking due to earthquake fears

The a major importer of liquefied natural gas, which has transformed the market in the past in the past decade, but the price of the commodity is extremely volatile and the price paid depends on global demand.

There are "modest" shale gas and oil resources in Scotland, with an estimated 80 trillion cubic feet of gas and six billion barrels of shale oil in the Midland Valley stretching across Scotland and including Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"Hydraulic fracturing stimulation is a long-standing technology used around the world", said Ken Cronin, chief executive of industry group UK Onshore Oil and Gas.

A report from England's Oil and Gas Authority has caused the government to call for a halt to fracking in the country on the basis of new quake fears, says the BBC.

Cuadrilla's first attempt at fracking seven years ago was ended after it triggered minor earthquakes, putting their plans on hold while more stringent measures were put in place. They must commit to the necessary action to dismantle the legislation backing fracking, and take the United Kingdom down a clean energy strategy.

The Committee on Climate Change's advice is clear that natural gas will continue to have a key role to play as we eliminate our contribution to climate change by 2050, including for the production of hydrogen.

- Why was fracking backed by the Government?

Lib Dem former energy secretary Ed Davey, said: "Liberal Democrats back an immediate ban now â€" given the evidence we are now in a climate emergency.

The announcement comes after a report by the Oil & Gas Authority found it is not now possible to accurately predict the probability or magnitude of earthquakes linked to fracking operations.

On the government's decision to halt fracking, she said: "We're sceptical - a bit cynical - about the announcement prior to a general election and with Parliament dissolving next week". Companies from Cuadrilla Resources Ineos Group Ltd., had been hoping to exploit reserves trapped in difficult-to-tap shale formations deep underground. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested over the past few years for trying to disrupt Cuadrilla's operations.

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"Public concern has centered on the risks to the environment and public health, from fracking-induced earthquakes, and the adequacy of the environmental regulations in place", it said.

On the basis of the disturbance caused to residents living near Cuadrilla's Preston New Road site in Lancashire and this latest scientific analysis, the government has announced a moratorium on fracking until compelling new evidence is provided.

Ireland became the fourth country in the world to officially ban the practice past year.

Ineos won the right in 2018 to pursue a High Court action to gain access to the Grade I-registered landscape for surveying, as part of efforts to assess the area for shale gas.

Supporters of fracking claimed the process could provide a new source of cheap fuel.

Supporters of the practice have claimed the moratorium is an overreaction; however, it has been welcomed by communities campaigning for the closure of fracking sites.

- What's the position elsewhere in the UK?

Pressed by the promises of the labour opposition, which had been announced already in its election manifesto the total ban of this practice of extraction of gas, and by the popular rejection, Boris Johnson has announced by surprise, through its minister of Energy, Andrea Leadsom, the indefinite suspension of fracking.

In Wales, the Assembly government has adopted a policy "to not undertake any new petroleum licensing or support applications for hydraulic fracturing petroleum licence consents". There is, meanwhile, a planning presumption against fracking in Northern Ireland.

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