China unveils follow-up lunar exploration missions

On Jan. 3, the Chang'e-4, consisting of a lander and a rover, touched down on the far side of the Moon, which can not be observed from Earth, according to the Chinese government.

Popular alien researcher Scott C Waring has many times spotted unusual anomalies on Martian images released by NASA, and now, he is claiming that China has actually faked the moon landing. That image was taken prior to Chang'e 4's touchdown, explained LROC principal investigator Mark Robinson, who's based at Arizona State University in Tempe.

The video spans about three minutes and was captured by a camera that can pivot for more range.

The panorama, a mosaic consisting of 80 individual images, offers a 360-degree view of the lander's immediate surroundings, showing the jagged horizon line, some small rocks, its partner - the Jade Rabbit 2 lunar rover - and a plethora of small craters. "With the probe of the far side of the moon this time, Chinese people have done very well". The landing zone the Chinese chose for the lander and rover to explore is the Von Karaman crater. State-run media outlet China Daily said at the time: "China's Chang'e-4 landed on the moon's far side, inaugurating a new chapter in mankind's lunar exploration history".

"China, the U.S., Russian Federation and Europe are all discussing whether to build a research base or a research station on the moon", Mr. Wu said.

Prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring also says there is a lack of moon rocks in the images, which suggests the Chinese are not on the lunar satellite.

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The first two phases have been accomplished, and the next step is to launch the Chang'e 5 probe to collect roughly 4 lbs.

NASA's Solar System Exploration Research team said: "The lunar farside - that mysterious face of the Moon hidden from Earth - contains a cache of clues about how the Earth formed, how planets evolved, and how volcanic and impact cratering processes reshaped the Solar System".

"In the past, we were always rushing to catch up to the advanced global standards" in space, said Wu Weiren, the chief designer of China's lunar exploration project. The Chang'e 4 lander and rover are not in this photo; it was taken before the duo's historic January 2 touchdown.

"We hope to build a scientific research station in the south polar region of the moon".

According to Xinhua, a heavy-lift carrier rocket, with a takeoff weight of about 4,400 tons (4,000 metric tons) and a diameter of 33 feet (10 m), is a goal for 2030.

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