Focus Mode: Google introduces new digital wellbeing feature

Android Focus Mode

Android Focus Mode

For example, there's an added option to automatically turn Focus Mode on and off for the days and times that you choose - just like you can do with Do Not Disturb. After a few months of polishing everything up and adding some new features, Google's now rolling Focus mode out to everyone. Billed as a Digital Wellbeing tool, Android Focus mode allows you to tune out specific apps so you can keep your attention on the task at hand. If you try to open them, Focus mode will "remind you that app is paused", Android project manager Dayson Pais writes in a blog post announcing the rollout. And the new "Take a Break" feature will allow you to temporarily snooze focus mode.

During beta testing, Google said tester feedback led to the creation of a new enhancement for Focus Mode: the ability to set a schedule for your app breaks. In screenshots Google shared today, it seems that you can take a break for 5, 15, or 30 minutes, so if you want to use all your apps while you're on a lunch break at work, you can use this feature and avoid toggling Focus mode off entirely.

Focus Mode first appeared in the beta channel for Digital Wellbeing back in August.

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Now the Focus Mode is coming out of Beta version of Digital Wellbeing.

It has also developed digital wellbeing apps outside of its core Digital Wellbeing product, with October's launch of a handful of wellbeing experiments. "This means you can use your phone without interruptions from apps you don't need right away".

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