MI astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by woman

Dream achieved NC State grad breaks record for longest space flight by a woman

Dream achieved NC State grad breaks record for longest space flight by a woman

Koch, who arrived at the space station March 14, was expected to be on a typical six-month mission. Fellow female astronaut Jessica Meir joined her in September.

According to a bio on NASA's website, Koch is an electrical engineer who was selected to become a US astronaut in 2013.

The previous record holder was Peggy Whitson from NASA, who served as Station Commander at the International Space Station, but Koch's stay in space is by no means over.

On December 28, she will have been in space for 288 days, breaking the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. It has been broken by Christina on Saturday (December 28).

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Koch is expected to spend a total of 328 days, or almost 11 months, on board the space station before returning to Earth.

'It's a wonderful time for human spaceflight because I think we finally recognize that it's not worth going unless we go together, that it's important to not turn away any innovative idea, that everyone has a role and everyone has a place at the table as we move forward, ' Koch said. The record for the longest (340 days) stay in the ISS is to Scott Kelly, who was in space during 2015-16.

Koch's flight is part of ongoing research to understand the human body responds to extended time in microgravity and how to protect against ill effects, in preparation for future missions to the moon and Mars.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch (pictured) is set to make history once again. She guided me a lot during my stay in ISS. When her mission extension was announced, back in April, Koch said she sought advice from Whitson - and was told to "find what you love, and make sure you have it up there". After returning to Earth, I will also guide astronauts. While that is the world record for women, the graphic is for American astronauts only.

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