Riot Games looking to expand League of Legends universe under Riot Forge

Image Source Riot Games

Image Source Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that they'll be opening up a publishing studio called Riot Forge, inviting game developers to create their own storylines in the League of Legends universe and share with the world.

The idea is to work with partner developers on games based on the League of Legends IP in addition to all the projects they have going internally.

Riot Forge will help these studios by teaching and helping them navigate the expansive League world while making sure that they stay true to the existing lore within the game.

The @LeagueofLegends Universe is filled with stories to be told. "Our universe is so large, and we have an opportunity to make so many different experiences".

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Riot Games unveiled its new publishing label today. There are no specifics yet on individual projects or partners, but Riot said that its focus is on working with "experienced" independent studios, and that development of some projects is already underway.

Riot Games has a lot on their plate.

The games are created to be "memorable experiences", taking League of Legends fans down different storylines in the game and exploring different sides to everyone's favorite champions.

The FAQ at says that Riot Forge releases will be "completable", which Riot's Bret Forbus nailed down more precisely on Twitter as "single-player/story-driven games" set in LoL's Runeterra universe.

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