U.S. astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by a woman

U.S. astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by a woman

U.S. astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by a woman

NASA astronaut Christina Koch set the record Saturday for the longest single space flight by a woman at 289 days.

Being an astronaut, Christina is fond of doing yoga, running, mountaineering, photography with the boating and walking.

Koch, 40, arrived at the International Space Station last March, and on Saturday her spaceflight surpassed the record set by her U.S. compatriot Peggy Whitson, who was 288 straight days in orbit.

Koch's extended stint on the International Space Station follows up on astronaut Scott Kelly's "Year in Space" mission in 2015-2016, and is similarly aimed at studying the health effects of long-duration spaceflight. Koch made history Saturday, setting the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman.

Koch's stay will be only be slightly shorter than the all-time NASA record for longest space flight.

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Koch holds a master's in electrical engineering, is a veteran of multiple research tours in Antarctica and Greenland, and helped design instruments at the Goddard Space Flight Center for NASA science probes in orbit around Earth and Jupiter, according to CBS News. We see another aspect of how the human body is affected by microgravity for the long term. Koch has already made history once in her stay aboard the ISS.

"Do what scares you".

"Everyone needs to think about what intrigues them and what attracts them".

"I like to think of the record as not so much about how many days you're up here, but what you bring to each day, so [it is] another great reminder to just bring your best", Koch said. "It can be rewarding for you personally, and it usually means that you're giving something back to the world in the maximum way possible".

In October, Koch broke another record by conducting the first all-female spacewalk outside of the ISS alongside astronaut Jessica Meir.

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