Universal Has Pulled CATS From Its 'For Your Consideration' Page

Diana Princess of Wales | Bettmann

Diana Princess of Wales | Bettmann

Collider said the direction of the film was "so poor the Academy should repossess Tom Hooper's Best Director Oscar", and The Beat concluded that "Cats is the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs".

Not even the movie's original song, "Beautiful Ghosts" by Lloyd Webber and Swift, was put on the short list for Oscar consideration.

Cats just can't land on its feet.

With those numbers, Deadline says Cats is on track to lose at least $71 million, but only if the film reaches a global box office result of $100 million.

According to Variety, execs at Universal Pictures are bracing for a potential loss over $100 million, following almost $100 million in production costs and around the same in promotion and marketing.

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If you haven't seen Cats in theaters yet and you want to, it's still available to watch.

A second, improved cut of the movie was then sent to cinemas by Universal days after release, which attempted to deal with errors like Dame Judi Dench's visible human hand rather than a paw, complete with a wedding ring.

According to We Got This Covered, the execs over at Universal have been forced to pull Cats from awards consideration due to its awful performance, and despite the production company pumping out its fair share of blockbuster hits, the musical is set to undo everyone's hard work.

Universal had hoped that Cats would be a holiday sleeper hit in the vein of Fox's The Greatest Showman in 2017, but with the film opening to a disappointing $6.5 million domestically and continuing to fall quickly down the charts, it seems like Cats has used up all of its nine lives.

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