View of night sky is under threat, warn astronomers

This led astronomers to warn that "constellation" could block our vision of our space, with a star watcher who nicknamed Elon "the man who polluted the heavens". Don't fret, it is not the beginning of an alien invasion with UFOs in attack formation.

There were several sightings of Starlink satellites reported worldwide during the holiday periods.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the astronomers' concerns, but noted after the first batch of Starlink satellites launched that they would only be visible with the naked eye for their first few orbits of the Earth.

'That's just a cover story.

After they were launched into orbit, their trace indicated nearly 100 UFO reports to the UFO Meldpunt.

The satellites were brought into orbit last month and were seen in Venezuela, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California.

Thankfully, the East Anglian Astrophysical Research Organisation stepped up late on Boxing Day to remind people that they weren't actually seeing UFOs in the sky. The satellites have been launched to provide internet to areas with little or no connectivity.

Be that as it may, the first flees of these space shuttles, which have just been sent into space by USA organization SpaceX, are affecting pictures of the night sky.

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Additionally, the United Kingdom company OneWeb plans to launch at least 650 satellites, though that number could rise to 2,000.

They are showing up as splendid white streaks, so stunning that they are in competition with the stars. But professional astronomers like me may need to prepare for scratched skies ahead. I can't say I'm looking forward to that'.

Other companies planning to launch major constellations include Amazon and United Kingdom start-up OneWeb, who between them hope to introduce more than 5,000 satellites into orbit.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has previously claimed that once active, the network will deliver "one terabit of bandwidth" to Earth, with the aim of using the new network to provide better internet access to under-served parts of the world.

A previous demonstration of prototypes called Tintin A and B took place in February 2018 with coverage good enough to play fast-response video games, Musk said.

The launch came after two previous planned launches were cancelled due to heavy winds and additional safety checks.

With large investments and economies of scale drastically reducing the cost of launching satellites into space in recent years, companies like by SpaceX and its Starlink internet satellite "mega-constellation" are set to put thousands upon thousands of satellites into orbit to theoretically enable an internet connection to be obtained in any corner of the globe.

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