A modder turned the GameCube controller into Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch

GameCube Joy-Cons

GameCube Joy-Cons

Most importantly, the feel of the GameCube controller remains intact, which was a crucial detail for Shank. Would you like to get your hands on this unique pair of Joy-Con? Through subsequent posts, he showed how the controller worked with the Nintendo Switch by doing a demo using Smash Bros. "Ultimate, and the reissue of official GameCube controllers, I knew I had to", Shank Mods explains.

As someone who purchased a Switch Pro Controller on the same day as my Switch, I can definitely see the appeal of more comfortable Joy-Cons based on the design of the GameCube controller. Because he was aiming for full functionality, he also had to add new buttons to the controller to cover the extra features of the Nintendo Switch, such as the Share function, and secondary Z-buttons.

Just like the real Joy-Cons, you can play with them connected to the body of the Nintendo Switch, or you can use them connected while the Switch is docked. Nothing to do, you have to settle for the video! The project took months, and he had to basically redesign the entire interior of the Wavebird, and custom 3D print various parts to make everything fit and hold in place securely.

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The end result is really impressive - the controller splits in half and mounts to rails on the side of the Switch, as well as a central rail for joining the controller halves back together.

Nonetheless, Shank Mods has crushed Nintendo to the punch and created some handsome GameCube-aping controllers which are apparently totally useful.

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