Deal Alert: Apple AirPods are now available at a discounted price

13 biggest companies that make Apple Air Pods rivals

13 biggest companies that make Apple Air Pods rivals

TL;DR: The second generation Apple AirPods with the regular charging case are finally back at their Black Friday price - experience the hype for $129, a 19% savings. The ones with the wireless charging case are usually $199, but are now marked down to just $169 at Walmart and Amazon, a 15 percent discount.

The pros and cons of the AirPods are well-established by this point.

Apple is one of the top brands that you can trust. The AirPods are a solid choice if you want to listen to podcasts during your bus ride or take hands-free phone calls.

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As if the thriving "hearables" market wasn't already brimming with solid alternatives to Apple's industry-leading AirPods, LG is finally prepared to throw its hat in the USA true wireless earbuds ring. In our review, we praised their "crisp, clear audio", "excellent wireless charging case design", "solid mic clarity", and more, but lamented their "limited on-ear controls", "troublesome in-ear fit", and lack of waterproofing.

Dubbed simply LG Tone Free in the U.S. rather than Tone+ Free for an Asian audience and carrying model number HBS-FL7, these bad boys are available in a single black color at a recommended price of $199.99.

We only saw these AirPods prices go slightly lower than this over Black Friday, an even better reason to pick up a cheap pair of Apple earbuds now if the savings passed you by in November.

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