Doom Eternal hands-on preview: Hell on Earth

Doom Eternal hands-on preview: Hell on Earth

Doom Eternal hands-on preview: Hell on Earth

The settings are different, but the action is just as high-octane as ever, as Shacknews recently had an opportunity to play through the first few hours of Doom Eternal. What expectations do you have towards Doom Eternal? Our new hands-on preview convinced us that Doom Eternal is smarter and bloodier than Doom 2016, with action that ramps up into a surprisingly smart festival of mayhem, and it sounds like it could keep us knee-deep in the dead for much longer as well.

Stratton went on to reveal that the team were "were crunching pretty hard most of a year ago". Doom, in all its incarnations, is absolutely a Saturday morning cartoon. But Doom Eternal won't just see players take the fight into Mars and Hell, because the demons are now bringing the party straight to them.

Broadcasting company Bethesda, who wants to get a bit of this curious wait of the players, has released a series of new screenshots showing what to expect in the game during the day. One of the more interesting aspects of this demo was the discovery of the awesomely-named Fortress of Doom.

Demons in large quantities segues nicely into the key component for Doom Eternal.

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Shooters have changed a lot in the last decade or so. Some of the most prominent new enemies I encountered were flying Gargoyles, which attack from above, making them unsafe and hard to pin down. "We're just overall better at making Doom games, so we can make more content at a higher quality at a faster rate". It's also remarkably challenging, demanding a middle ground between all-out assault and relative restraint, as charging in will see you coming quickly unstuck, while standing back will inevitably end in a grisly death. With this in mind, the environments seem to offer more variety and daring in the presentation of the lines of fire and on the visual level, as if the arenas of the previous episode had given way to more organic playing fields, with less segmentation marked. Yet, despite aspiring to convey something more than straight-up shooting, we can't help but think that DOOM Eternal could do without the platforming. Eternal is also quick to give you increasingly powerful weapons, starting you off with a combat shotgun, then nearly immediately getting that coveted chainsaw in your hands. Doom Eternal wants players engaged between the fighting by introducing incidental combat puzzles.

The level design agrees on these novelties, in broader and varied levels, which do not hesitate to multiply the transitions between interior and exterior. I was able to play the game up until the 3-hour mark and in that time I was able to collect four weapons, a few mods and new abilities such as a double air dash and a flamethrower that enables enemies to dispense armor chunks.

In fact, Doom Eternal hopes to get social in more ways than one.

DOOM Eternal has already been delayed once on PlayStation 4 so it can't be pushed back any further than its March 2020 release date, right?

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