Flaunt Your Style at Your Office with Graceful Jewellery

Work place dressing can be quite tricky because there is a fine line between what is just right and what is too much. Dressing for office is particularly tricky for women because they have not just clothes to worry about but also other things like shoes, bags, jewellery and make-up. Every day is a new day and a chance to prove your dressing sense while keeping it minimal and classy at the same time. Nobody likes that co-worker who wears clunky bangles that makes noise throughout the day and distracts everyone else at the office.

Office jewellery must be kept far from the bling and should instead be minimal, classy and elegant. It should make a statement without saying too much and keep you looking like the girl boss that you are. People think a single diamond ring or pearl studs are the only office appropriate jewellery out there but there is so much more than meets the eye. It is all about knowing how to wear something and when to wear it. This article should hopefully have you become the office fashionista that you were always meant to be!

·         Simple studs all the way – stud earrings or small hoops are the safest bet when it comes to office jewellery. They are comfortable, classy and will not get in the way when you are attending to phone calls throughout the day. Lightweight gold earrings will go with every outfit, whether Indian or western. They are hassle free and does not require too much effort in the styling department as well.

·         Small pendants are always welcome – a delicate chain with a single pendant that is either a single diamond or any other small gold motif will work wonders with any outfit. Avoid wearing large chunky necklaces because they will draw unnecessary attention. When you are going for a well fitted shirt with formal pants or pencil skirt vibe, then a simple diamond pendant is enough to tie the whole look together. Or if you are wearing a saree to work, then something like a pearl string necklace will make you look extremely professional.

·         Bracelets for the win – large chunky bracelets get extremely uncomfortable to work with as they restrict your hand movement and slow down your typing speed. Hand gestures and hand movements are extremely important when you are giving presentations or conducting seminars at the workplace. This is why it is best to avoid jewellery that will draw unwanted attention and take away the focus from what you are presenting. Wear delicate bracelets that will make your wrist look extremely elegant and will be workplace appropriate as well.

·         Delicate rings are a classic – if there is another item of jewellery that works great for an office look it the delicate ring. A delicate diamond ring, a simple platinum or gold band looks great and works well with both Indian as well as western outfits. It will not cause any sort of hindrance in your work and will make you look well put together at the same time. You can pair it up with formal wear or even a desi girl vibe if that’s what you want.

Whatever you choose to wear at the end of the day, remember it should be something that you are comfortable in. Once that has been taken care of then look for other factors like how unique it is or how trendy it is. But whatever you wear, please avoid wearing jewellery that is flashy, blingy and noisy. Nobody wants to be that person at the office.

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