This could be the first phone with 16GB RAM

Xiaomi's upcoming Black Shark 3 5G could be the first phone with 16GB RAM

Xiaomi's upcoming Black Shark 3 5G could be the first phone with 16GB RAM

Certain phones, which stand out from the competition with their RAM and memory capacities, have been introduced, but none of them seem to be able to offer as much Xiaomi's Black Shark 3 as possible.

Black Shark has been a solid offering with its gaming smartphones.

It is now out in the open that Black Shark is planning to launch the Black Shark 3 5G. Launching before the phone constantly about the information leaks are to be. Considering the Black Shark2 Pro came with a 6.39-inch display with an FHD+ screen we can expect a similar-sized display with an FHD+ screen. Black Shark 2, the latest in the series, came powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and was made available in two DAM options: 6GB and 12GB.

Unless an additional OEM beats Xiaomi to the strike with a 16 GB RAM phone - we still do not understand when the Black Shark 3 5G will certainly happen. Since the Snapdragon 865 supports DDR5 memory chips, the RAM inside the Black Shark 3 is expected to have 16GB DDR5 RAM memory.

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There is no clarity on the final features of the Black Shark 3 5G.

Theoretically it should be the World's First Phone with 16GB RAM.

According to both rumors and reports, it is said to not only have the 5G technology as proof of future technology but also will come packed with a 16GB huge RAM.

We don't know yet about the other features of the device, but considering the features the previous model Black Shark 2 offers, we can make some predictions. The smartphones that we use today are way more powerful than those of the early 2010s.

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