Your iPhone now works as a Google 2FA security key

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Previously, if you wanted to securely log into your Google accounts from an iPhone, you'd need to use a physical key or an Android phone. Android phones have had this feature for months, but now iPhone owners can also use it.

Smart Lock is a form of two-factor authentication.

The Advanced Protection Program is arguably the best way to secure access to all of your documents and information you've stored in your Google account. "Use it to protect your personal Google Account, as well as your Google Cloud Accounts at work". Using the iPhone's built-in Secure Enclave, Google can authenticate you via your device wirelessly and unlock your Google account. Basically, it's a security system that requires two different authentication mechanisms to bypass, which are often based on something you know or have, such as a password or security key.

Visit using a supported browser, like Chrome.

While they initially assumed it was a bug, a Google spokesperson has now confirmed that the lack of confirmation notifications for updated apps are a deliberate change by the company's engineers, likely aimed at reducing the notification spam from the Play Store.

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Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for both devices.

Indeed, I was able to sign up my personal and work accounts onto the program just with phones alone.

Check your iPhone for a Smart Lock notification.

Google introduced the Advanced Protection Program in late 2017, to help high-risk users - journalists, human rights activists, IT admins, executives, etc. keep their Google accounts safe from targeted attacks. Until now, though, you were required to consign two security keys in order to get those extra safety measures and only one of them could be an Android phone. The search giant has also refreshed the app's UI design with the update.

The company said it considers the updates especially timely, to safeguard against foreign interference amid "attacks on the rise and many major events on the horizon this year like the U.S. elections in November", a blog post announcing the changes said.

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