EU, France insist on fishing rights in post-Brexit talks with UK

Brexit done? Not so fast. Great Britain and the U.S. Enter the new commercial battle

Brexit done? Not so fast. Great Britain and the U.S. Enter the new commercial battle

He warned that there would be problems if the sides cannot negotiate a deal by the end of the year.

Michel Barnier, returning as European Union chief negotiator, published the EU's draft negotiating objectives, declaring them "nothing surprising", as they repeated the EU's long-stated principles.

However, the Boris Johnson government has been open about the possibility that Brexit will be implemented without a deal with the EU.

The Prime Minister used a speech in Greenwich, south-east London, to stress his commitment to free trade - and signal his determination to secure an arrangement with Brussels along the lines of that agreed between the European Union and Canada.

The UK government has said its main priority at the WTO will be to "champion free, fair and rules-based trade globally".

Regaining control of Britain's rich fishing waters was a totemic issue for many Brexit campaigners.

One of the biggest challenges will be fishing rights. The EU wants its fishing crews to maintain current levels of access to British waters with stable quotas.

The Sunday Telegraph criticised the bloc for "reneging on the deal" in their "Brexit souvenir edition", arguing that the Europeans have to learn to respect Britain's new-found sovereignty. The UK government also stresses that the UK will be "an independent coastal state by the end of 2020 and any agreement must reflect this reality".

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"I see no need to bind ourselves to an agreement with the EU", Johnson said.

Johnson said on Monday that London will be negotiating on behalf of the United Kingdom family, which includes Gibraltar, a rocky British enclave on Spain's southern tip.

The prime minister will use a speech in London later to call for a Canada-style free trade agreement - and threaten to walk away if one can not be struck.

While the government has not proposed quitting the ECHR, the Strasbourg court is unpopular with Conservative Eurosceptics and Johnson's righthand man, Dominic Cummings, called for a referendum on the ECHR before he joined the government.

If the two countries were to receive the go-ahead for EU accession talks during the March European Council meeting, the new measures will be applied immediately, the commissioner said.

More political clout for member States in adhesion talks for new EU members - in particular Balkan countries - with the possibility of carrying out more effective measures to sanction potential steps backwards by candidates on fundamental reforms, including the suspension of negotiations, are among key points of a reform of the enlargement process presented by EU Commissioner Oliver Varhely.

They also agree the talks could end without a free-trade deal.

In his speech, the PM will say: "We have often been told that we must choose between full access to the European Union market, along with accepting its rules and courts on the Norway model, or an ambitious free trade agreement, which opens up markets and avoids the full panoply of European Union regulation, on the example of Canada".

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