Hasbro's flurry of 'The Mandalorian' toys includes an animatronic Baby Yoda

Hasbro's flurry of 'The Mandalorian' toys includes an animatronic Baby Yoda

Hasbro's flurry of 'The Mandalorian' toys includes an animatronic Baby Yoda

There's no question that "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge", which opened inside Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2019, would make a great home to a real-life Mando - and perhaps even an animatronic Child. With the announcement, the company has released a crop of positively enchanting new toys.

We previously announced some new Baby Yoda merchandise.

It took Disney, which made more than $4.5bn from merchandise previous year, a week to pull together the artwork it planned to disseminate on t-shirts, mugs and the like.

Protect the Child. Touching the top of this animatronic edition's head activates over 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles, and a range of ear-wiggling and other motions! Yes, it is beyond adorable. This figure will be available at most major retailers beginning Fall, 2020 and will retail for about $59.99. "And holding back on product development gave everyone the chance to discover the character affectionately known to fans as "Baby Yoda" together". It's unclear if this set includes Baby Yoda's broth bowl. The entire thing might remind you of that Simpsons episode with Funzo, but the talking Baby Yoda toy does look kind of cute.

Somehow, that's not the only Baby Yoda on the way in Lego form.

Image 2 of 4These tiny "Baby Yoda" figures eat frogs and try to use the force. Chief among those on display was The Child Animatronic figure from Hasbro.

In addition to the variety of cuddly, lovable toy versions of The Child are some new games.

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Now let's take a look at some of the Baby Yoda merch coming!

There are Mandalorian-themed board games, too!

Baby Yoda isn't the only "Star Wars" character getting all of the attention with this new toy release. The figure is incredibly detailed and includes two blue lightsabers. But if a larger, articulated figure is what you are after then this is a good bet.

Clone TrooperThe new Clone Trooper figure from Hasbro.

Also revealed today were new products inspired by the Emmy Award-winning animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is also executive produced by Dave Filoni and is returning for a seventh and final season exclusively on Disney+.

Along with figurines and vehicle play, it was Hasbro's Mandalorian Darksaber that stood out. It features light effects as well as battle sounds when swung.

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