Jon Peters regrets marrying Pamela Anderson after paying off her $200G debt

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

As ET previously reported, this marked the fifth marriage for both Anderson, 52, and Peters, 74. Living with someone, you truly get to know them. He also told her, "i thought building an empire together would be fun but i was wrong. i am a simple guy who loves my kids. i don't want to fly back and forth to attractive as that place is i don't like traveling. i'm sorry".

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters never filed the paperwork to make their marriage legal, so they were able to go their separate ways without an annulment or divorce. The movie producer has fired back, saying their union went belly-up after he paid off her six-figure debts. Pam's a romantic, but she is also very independent'. "There's no fool like an old fool", Jon ranted as he concluded in his e-mail.

Peters said, "There's a lot more to the story but I think the text ... is self explanatory" - attaching a copy of what he wrote "dear pammy" to tell her they were through. He also said he was engaged to someone else when Anderson reached out to rekindle their relationship - and he made a point to say that Anderson proposed to him and not the other way around.

"I dropped everything for Pam", he said. "But Jon's as controlling as he's creative, and he did not respond well to her autonomy".

The 52-year-old former Baywatch star Wednesday her fourth husband - 74-year-old Hollywood producer Peters - on 20 January, only to announce their split 12 days.

See, earlier in the day her new ex had a comment of his own about the breakup and "betrayal" - one with a much more specific accusation. Peters said he dropped everything for Anderson, and she had almost $200K in debts and no way to pay the bills.

Pamela's spokesperson has denied all the claims made by Jon whilst he has unveiled the text message he sent to Pamela to break it off.

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He allegedly wrote: 'This whole marriage thing ... has scared me.

Peters claims that the actress has some kind of business arrangement with the site, adding, "Since I have worked my whole life to try to make something for myself, that was very concerning to me. i thought building an empire together would be fun but i was wrong".

In the message, the 74-year-old described their union as a "beautiful, awesome love fest", further adding, "this whole marriage thing. has scared me". Therefore, I think the best thing we can do is that I'm going to go away for a couple of days and maybe you need to go back up to Canada.

A representative for Anderson says that Peters claims are "ludicrous".

Pamela, as chill as she has always been, only replied with a face-throwing-a-kiss emoji and "I forgive you" line.

"I love him deeply like family".

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